Group Therapy Vision Quest

Group Therapy Vision Quest 

Please come join us on a vision quest as we celebrate the journey of the soul. This two day journey is an extensive cleansing process where we first examine the aura and cleanse the impurities from this cocoon of protection.

Once sacred space is set up and spirit is called forth, we can invite the sacred energies of mother earth to come forward in order to heal the soul within and as the vision quest continues understanding of self evolves.

As the soul is connected with mother earth and peace is established with this connection you will notice a peaceful and calm connection with your spirit animals and the healing may begin.

As the vision quest continues we will call upon the cosmic energies to open your heart to the energies of the universe and as you do, the connection to self will come through and you will develop a better understanding and knowing of the 'I AM' within you.

This intensive two day course is designed to open your awareness to the cosmic possibilities which surround you and to help you understand and become one with the selves.

You will develop a true understanding of the selves through this vision quest, and the conscious (physical) self, the subconscious (protective) self, and the unconscious (spirit) self, will come forward. As you explore the connection with the selves and release the limitations you have placed upon yourself you will understand how to liberate yourself from those debilitating guilts and fears that have been programed into you since birth.

With a vision quest we will meet together as a group and with the support of the group energies we will obtain the understanding of how to overcome those limitating beliefs which confuse our connection with self as well as our connection with creation.

In order to schedule a group vision quest, please contact us using the contact information provided.