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Healing Energies 

The soul is a multidimensional being. Within the earth matrix it exists as a physical being you see everyday as you look in the mirror. This ego self, or conscious self, relies upon the five senses for all its sensory input and in a very real sense is similar to a computer. The conscious self exists as a program of all the data which it stores over the life of its reality. The physical body is a reflection of the information it receives over its lifespan. It is a house for the spirit self.
          In contrast the spirit self is a reflection of all the information it receives from not only the many physical lives it has led, but also all the information it has ever been taught in between lives as well. This is called the unconscious self and its job is to pass information to the conscious self, or the physical body, and give it life. It is connected to the conscious self through the chakra connections which forms the aura, a protective cocoon surrounding the body. As it attempts to pass this information to the conscious self the physical mind filters the informations into a form that is understandable to the physical body. This creates a buffer called the subconscious self. An artificial mind. 
          This artificial mind helps to protect the conscious self from information overload by monitoring light and knowledge as the spirit self tries to communicate with it. It acts also as a storage device and through the years information stagnates and the communication channels between the selves eventually clog, and need to be cleaned, making it hard to see and understand what it may be that is preventing progress.
   By retrieving soul pieces, past life memories, and removing the dark energies surrounding you in your life, it allows life to flow as it was meant to flow. The connection between the selves can be opened, removing the subconscious self, and light can stream through to the physical self, removing obstacles which are preventing progress. 
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