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          In order to schedule an appointment with Don, please click on the reading you would like and submit the appropriate payment and contact us either by email, or by phone, so he can schedule you. It is not necessary for a personal visit for a reading or shaballa work, but he would have to chat with you first to make sure you feel comfortable with your decision and discuss how the work is done.  
Don Anderson   
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Walking the Hall of Life
      Walking the Hall of Life is a great way to connect you with the lost energies you may have had in other lives. Due to trauma related lives you have lived you may have lost key energetic elements in those lives which may be interfering with how your life is functioning now. As you are gently led down the hall of life which you have created, you can re-unite with those lost patterns you may be unknowingly searching for. You can also re-unite with loved ones who have passed over, healing the scars created by losing them and being unable to let them go. This a Shamanistic journey through a hypnotic process.

Past Life Work
         Includes a follow up to make sure the pieces have settled and the work has been completed. Also includes either a written, or MP3, copy of what occured during the process and any pertinint information you may need to know in regard to your session. 

Shaballa Services

Clairvoyant Reading & Entity Attachments
          Generally it takes only one session to remove an entity. Higher self readings would include any pertinent information in regard to the purpose of the selves. Please call for more details.

Shaballa Services

     The prices shown can be adjusted to a sliding scale based upon income qualifications. If you would like assistance and have extenuating circumstances, please call for more information.

Releasing the negative patterns to creation