Hall of Life

Walking the Hall of Life
       As one progresses through the many learning experiences we call lives, sometimes we end up leaving energetic pieces of ourselves in those lives. They are called patterns. And as we travel through one life to the other these patterns are left clinging to the situation we left that body with. As a result, the current life you live may be left with a feeling of not being whole. As if there is something that is missing. This feeling of emptiness, of lack of being in the present, can be a debilitating factor in your life. The trauma you left that life in can keep you clinging to the past. 

       Walking down the hall of life can help restore you with those energy patterns you left behind in that life moment. As you walk down the Hall of Life, you reconnect with those energy patterns you left behind, reuniting with the energetic pieces of you which can help restore your feeling of self.
       Many times, loved ones who have passed on suddenly and without warning, leave us with a sense of loss and betrayal. As you walk the hall of life, it is often possible to re-connect with them one last time, allowing the healing process to complete itself with the reunion.  

Past Life Therapy
          Past life therapy works under the knowledge that humans live many lives, and in each of those lives there are scars, or attachments, that can be left behind due to sudden death or unresolved trauma. As you are born into the world you are born with the DNA memories, activated by your spirit self, and as you live your life those memories can be activated due to certain conditions that arise which are similar to those you died with. As those situations arise they trigger your unconscious memories and the results can lead to continual negative behaviors until the source is located and the issue is resolved.  Past life therapy readings can also be very effective in dealing with this trauma. As the trauma source is located from a past life therapy reading, an understanding of how the trauma is affecting you can be located and resolved. Past life therapy is a very effective tool in resolving issues that have been keeping you in a helplessly stuck situation.
Post Life Therapy
          Post life therapy deals with the passing of the soul into paradise, or the lack of the souls ability to recognize it has passed on. Many times a soul becomes stuck in between the land of the living and the land of the dead, and needs assistance in understanding the world they are in is no longer necessary. With love and support these spirits can move on to the realm they were meant to exist in. Excessive clinging to a loved one who has passed can be difficult on both the living and the deceased. As a result the bonds between those who have passed and those who are alive are never cleanly broken. We assist to release those bonds in a love based environment. 

The spirit self and the physical self are separated only by your inability to recognize they exist

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