Clairvoyant Readings and Energy Attachments

Clairvoyant Readings and Energy Attachments  
          One of the main problems in the human state is one of energy attachments which can be viewed by a clairvoyant reading. In the simplest explanation, an energy attachment can be anything from a dark area stuck to the aura that needs to be dispersed so that the aura can be clean, to a human entity that has not passed over fully, to a full fledged demonic attachment. Once one of these forms of attachment have fully adhered to the aura, it is quite possible to influence the human thought process and influence your thinking and actions. These attachments can all be viewed with the work of a clairvoyant reading. What is the difference? 
          An aural smudge, or dark spot, is simply a hole, or piece of dark matter, that has attached or stuck to your aura. These are the easiest forms of aural attachments to clear up and a good clairvoyant will be able to detect where and how it is attached. Usually a directed effort towards the aural smudge will dislodge the energy. The easiest way to describe it is like your windshield has been covered with mud and needs to be cleaned off. Not deadly, but enough to make the human body feel sluggish and slow. A clairvoyant reading can help dislodge this through recognition of the energy. This type of energy tends to accumulate over the years and is gradual in its effects of clouding the aura.
          The second attachment is a little more difficult to remove. A clairvoyant reading will be able to make contact with this entity and determine how to best assist the individual on its path. It is a human being that once was alive and has not passed over fully. Through a clairvoyant this being will be able to receive the assistance it needs to move on after death. Usually this entails someone who died in their ignorance of drug abuse or addiction of some sort. Having been heavily addicted to substance abuse in their life, or addicted to a particular action, they die and refuse to transfer over due to ignorance on their part or enslaved to their desire to keep connected with the addictive behavior. As a result they roam the earth, just outside the human sight, and attach themselves to live beings who express the same energies they had when they died. Hence, an alcoholic many times will have a deceased relative who died an alcoholic, attached to them in an attempt to influence them into drinking. A clairvoyant will be able to see how to cut the cords which are attached to the individual. Since there is no alcohol in between this realm and the next, the substance they crave must come vicariously through others. This is a very tough attachment to break, and as long as their is someone trying to influence them to drink, their will always be an addiction. Often times when under the influence of the attachment the personality will change to that of the deceased who is using them for their desires. It is very important the being attached is recognized by a clairvoyant or other psychic. Recognition is half the battle towards recovery.
          The third attachment is a demonic attachment. These are the most powerful types of attachments and can often times be taken as demonic possessions. The attachment is so strong the body can be totally taken over. It can also be very subtle. A clairvoyant reading will be able to see what type of demon is attached. At this point it may be all to obvious there is a problem and it will take some powerful spiritual help to remove it. There are two types of demons. Those that have never been born and have been created by some means. Or humans that have been roaming the other realms for so long they lose the resemblance of what they once were. They can also come forward as curses and take many different forms. A clairvoyant reading can help determine what course of action to pursue.

Just outside the realm of human sight exists a parallel world unseen by human eyes. It is here in these other worlds we may assist you in cutting the ties which are attached to the physical self.

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